Dance Classes

The LPDC offers classes in Acro, Adaptive Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Creative Movement, Hip-Hop, Jazz, LOTS, Lyrical, Modern, Pointe, Rainbowdance and Tap. We highly encourage students to study ballet along with other classes, as it is the foundation of all dance. Our programs and faculty allow us to accommodate all ages and levels of dancers, beginner through professional. 


On a broad level, Adaptive Dance is an opportunity to explore and experience the joy of movement with a supportive, creative community, regardless of experience and/or abilities. It is also a wonderful opportunity to integrate these various levels of experience and abilities in a powerful, exciting, educational, and creative atmosphere.

acro (5+)

The LPDC is an internationally recognized studio, certified through Acrobatic Arts. Our program is designed to benefit the dancer. Conditioning, flexibility, and tumbling are incorporated into the program

Pre- Ballet/Ballet (4+)

The foundation of all dance, ballet is highly recommended as it promotes correct body placement and strength. These things are studied through barre, center, and allegro work. In order for one to progress to a competing team, ballet classes are mandatory.


Abstract movements fusing modern dance with classical ballet elements; most commonly seen on SYTYCD. 

Creative Movement (2.5+) 

In Creative Movement, our dance world is explored through creative songs and mime. Pre-ballet is also introduced at this level.

Hip HoP (6+) 

This is the type of dance most commonly seen in videos. It is interesting, fun, and provides a great workout.  All music used is “clean” and always age appropriate.

Jazz (4+)

The many styles of jazz dance will be explored in class. Warm up, progressions, and combinations are an important part of class. Dancers will also explore the music and dance of plays and musicals on and off Broadway as well as mainstream songs. In addition, dancers will learn about the particulars of Theatre Jazz movement and staging. 


Our class will focus on acting and movement while performing and singing.  Although this is not a vocal class, we will learn lyrics from all genres of music (age appropriate) stage directions, how to memorize lines while learning how movement, choreography, and vocals are all tied together on stage with a skit and a dance!

LyricAL (9+) 

Exploration of dance through emotion; designed to develop poise, grace, and strength.

Modern (10+) 

Exploration of dance through shapes, lines, and creative choreography; designed to develop strength and control.

Once a student has mastered proper technique, she will be advanced to Pointe. Pointe students must be at least 12 years old with doctor’s approval.  Must be enrolled in at least two ballet classes per week.

Pointe (12+)

Rainbowdance (12m-3yo)

Catered to children and their caregivers/adult (ages 12m-3yo). This for 45 minute class will focus on the goals of enhancing self-regulation, self-esteem, and social empathy. The weekly repetition establishes a sense of containment, safety and empowerment as the children repeat a sequence of gesture-integrated songs created through expressive therapies.

TaP (3+)

The most rhythmic of all dance. Students are introduced to tap at a young age to develop musicality. Tap also promotes excellent timing and precision in the latter levels. Class consists of barre work or center, progressions, and combinations each week.