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Don't miss important dates happening in October!

October 1 All automatic payments for tuition will be processed with the card on file for your October tuition .

October 15 All recital costume deposits ($50 per class/Non Refundable) will be processed with the card on file on October 15. If you do not wish for your card to be run on this date please contact the office by October 10th, 8:00pm and we will run the card on October 30th. Please keep in mind your card will be run again, on November 1st for November tuition.

Service Fees Please remember, after the 10th of each month, any account with outstanding tuition, will incur a $15 service fee. 

Recital Information

While it seems a long way off, October marks the beginning of the recital! So much time is invested in the planning to present a terrific show that all of the students and staff are excited to be a part of.

A few things to remember about our recital weekend held at Tewksbury Memorial High School on May 19&20, 2018.

We have 3 shows: SHOW A -MAY19,2018 at 2:00pm, SHOW B-MAY 19,2018 at 7:00pm, SHOW C- May 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm

You may be a part of one or more shows. Show casting information is posted after the holidays. If you are in more than one class, that does not guarantee your dances will be in the same show. 

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Tell your friends, family members and co-workers the things you love about the Lisa Pilato Dance Center - the great curriculum, caring teachers, all the smiles and fun during each class - they will quickly see the value and life skills nurtured in each class and want the same for their child.

Invite friends, family and co-workers to visit the LPDC and experience for themselves the magic of dance and the positive effects it will have on their child. You will each receive a $50 tuition credit!  Fill out the referral card (downloadable form below), or when registering online fill out the "how did you hear about us" with your referring friend's first and last name.

Tuition credit will be applied after completion of two months paid enrollment. Registration and other fees will still apply.  No limit to referrals. Each referral 1:1. Not applicable to immediate family members. Terms are subject to change.               

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This year we are offering new classes! Sass Class, LOTS, Adult Beginner Tap and Adult Intermediate/Advanced Tap and Jazz.

What is sass class? Diva's to the dance floor please! In this class you will gain confidence and develop sassy jazz technique while strutting your stuff. This class is for students who like to dance, prance, and be fabulous!

What is LOTS? Life On The Stage will focus on acting and movement while performing and singing.  Although this is not a vocal class, we will learn lyrics from all genres of music (age appropriate) stage directions, how to memorize lines while learning how movement, choreography, and vocals are all tied together on stage with a skit and a dance!

Our adult classes are for people ages 17+ who are looking to get back into dancing or finally letting their childhood dreams come true! We are offering a Beginner Tap and an Intermediate/Advanced Tap/Jazz that will switch off each week.


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Interested in joining our competitive team without the full commitment?

Only 2.25 hours of classes, including the PG Rep class Tuesday evenings at 5:30! 

Come join our team!